where the heck is my thing?
i don't know, contact me about it so we can figure it out! just make sure to include your order number or name or some information so i can look it up for you.

how long will it take for my thing to get here?
it depends on where you live and when you placed your order. i fill orders just about daily, so in most cases your item will ship the very next day. just keep in mind that i'm only one person doing this by myself. sometimes lots of orders come in at once and i get completely backed up for the week. either way, you'll receive an automated email with your tracking number right when your shipping label is created. 

my item is messed up!
my bad. send me a picture of the mistake i made and i'll be sure to fix it somehow. this includes receiving the wrong item, printing errors, damaged apparel, etc.

when will (this thing i want) be back in stock?
i truthfully have no idea! maybe soon, maybe never. i only have so much room to stock shirts and records, which is why only a handful of items are ever available at a time. remember, i do this all from home and completely independently.